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Penelope Plume, our latest book, is now at the printers awaiting her fate. Will they hydrate her with plenty of ink? Will they carefully sew her sides to align with her spine? Will she fold effortlessly into crisp sections? Will her cover be as glorious as when she left home? Please look after her till she comes home to roost.

The story of Penelope Plume began in our own back yard. Feeding the chickens and noticing their habits. So many chaotic feeding times, following the scrap bucket, awaiting it's contents to be scattered in the remains from the previous day. I began to wonder if indeed our chooks cared what they ate, or the manner in which the scraps where hurled. I wondered if they would appreciate a less frenzied time pecking the food in order to gain the most value and nudge out fellow chickens. We definately have a pecking order - first comes Boss Chook. She is aptly named and of course is the BOSS! Following her is BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and Shirley. Two new chooks have just joined the crew and the naming cermony has just been completed. Crazy chook 1 and Crazy chook 2. So there you have it...a simple story with a whole lot of catastrophe. Of course it was absolutely necessary for Ned the Wombat to come along and read this book with us. Read more about Ned in the Including Aspergers page.

Jo Rothwell


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