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What Christmas means to me...

There is precisely 7 days before the big jolly one comes a calling.

My feelings about Christmas are not particularly set in a solid Christian stone, nor do I feel the need to chant “happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas…my feelings at this time of year, this year, are somehow seeming extremely significant. I could indeed wonder why Christmas carols, plastic trees and frantically glazed ham, create such meaningful bliss. Usually I am too exhausted to even question why. This year, however, I am stopping to contemplate, to reflect and to envelope these feelings. It is one of those times when my prospective on life is shining a brilliant beacon towards meaning and substance.

So what does Christmas mean to me? Perhaps I will start with what it doesn’t mean to me. It doesn’t mean logistics or obligations or overcrowded shopping centres. It doesn’t mean worry over expenses, will my gifts be enjoyed, has the ham been ordered in time? It doesn’t mean who is going to whose family, how far I need to travel, getting upset about others attitude. It doesn’t mean drinking and eating too much nor about commercialism and consumerism. All of these may happen and may be associated with Christmas, however they are not what Christmas means to me.

To me, Christmas is about togetherness, family, friends, inclusiveness, understanding for those missing loved ones and for those less fortunate. It means caring, traditions, gratitude and perspective. It is a time to say thanks and spend time with those who support and love me unconditionally. It is also a time for magic. That special time of year when fantasy and wonderment from children are on show for all.

I don’t know how many Christmases I will have in my lifetime…but I feel blessed to have experienced the ones past and grateful for any in the future.

Merry Christmas. xx

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