Wednesday's with Harry

Wednesday's with Harry began early 2017...

Let’s face it, living with cancer is not ideal. It affects so many aspects of your being.

Besides the obvious crappiness, it can however, if you let it, give you the gift of life.

So let my legacy be this...committing to spend time with my son,

to build memories that will last forever.

Life can be that simple.

I have recently put the last few years together in a book and gave to Harry for his 21st birthday. 

He may decide to read it by his 40th! 

The 200 pages are divided into years and are linked here if at all interested.

It starts off more pictorial and to the point. Over time the entries increase into an enormous anthology

of random nonsense, spinning off in various directions that will test your will to continue. 

Congratulations to those who do…and complete exoneration to

those who wish to use their time more productively.

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