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Aloysius the Ram at

the Bric-a-Brac

joins the first book in this series in

raising funds for brain cancer

Total Funds raised as of April 2024: 


100% of proceeds are donated, and we have excluded our creative value and any admin time and costs from these funds.

Written in rhyme, Aloysius the Ram at the Bric-a-Brac is the story of a rambunctious and mischievous ram who creates chaos and mayhem as he races through a local antique shop. 

See the Aloysius page for the story behind the story...

In collaboration with Chateau de Lalande, Rothwell Publishing has produced this book, with 100% of proceeds going to the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and Peace of Mind Foundation. RCD Foundation contributes funds to Australian and International brain cancer research to enable researchers to understand further and more completely treat brain tumours. Brain cancer is the most fatal of all childhood cancers and kills more children in Australia than any other disease. Peace of Mind Foundation aims to support families by providing emotional and financial support and helping navigate complex healthcare systems. 

Due to the high printing costs, it does mean that we need to sell many books to make it worthwhile. Therefore if you do purchase, please feel free to add a favourable review on Amazon, as it helps send Aloysius into more advertised markets. The original book is also waiting patiently for you, and you can find it under Jo Rothwell books.  

Thank you! 

Aloysius the Ram at the Bric-a-Brac

This title is available via Amazon Print-On-Demand
We are very aware of the postage costs and delays for International sales. We have therefore added this title to be sold on Amazon.  Please Note: We guarantee the quality of books that we sell directly on our website. Amazon uses their own format to produce their copies. Any issues with your purchase via Amazon will need to be addressed by them.  Thank you.

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If your country is not listed here, please search Amazon under the title and you will find how to order. We do have a limited number of copies and can organise local sales via email. 

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Amazon is used as it is a print-on-demand service. That means that a purchase is made, Amazon prints an individual book and the cost of the print is deducted, Amazon takes their bit and the remaining (approx) $4 comes back to us. We set the price of the book and, of course, that determines the profit. After a couple of months, and when the total has reached over $100, Amazon sends it to us and we then distribute it to the 2 charities. With the original book, we did a print run ourselves, which meant that the profit for charity was much higher, however as most sales were international from Australia, the postage costs were deterring sales. 

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softcover 32 page rhyming hand-illustrated picture book

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