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Dear School Librarian,

Thank you for taking the time to explore our book collection.  We have continued the Yelpy Kelpie series with our new book, One Yelpy Kelpie in the Great Western Plains Adventure.  Following the success of One Yelpy Kelpie and One Yelpy Kelpie's Melbourne and Wildlife Adventures we have decided that One Yelpy Kelpie is the character to take children on many more adventures to come.

Aloysius the Ram at Chateau de Lalande is proving very popular and the proceeds are directly going to brain cancer research in children.


All our books are now listed on the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge. Most are on the year 3/4 list, however, as  The Big Hungry Tree and Penelope Plume highlight additional elements of inclusion and ASD awareness, they range from early childhood right through to year 9.  Of course, you can help us stay on the list with recommendations from you and your students.   We would of course love other states to take up the opportunity to put our books on their lists. 

We have been fortunate over the years to gain a wonderful response to all our books and many have repeatedly been on bestsellers lists.   More important, however, is the positive feedback we have gained from children.


The Big Hungry Tree is a fun interactive children’s book with additional elements such as a counting scale and repetitive rhymes.  Ned the wombat reads the book with you and shares his unique thoughts.  Ned has Aspergers Syndrome or ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Whilst Ned's thoughts do not distract from the story for mainstream children, it begins an awareness journey that is so important to those with ASD. 

Ned returns in the hilarious calamity that is created by Penelope Plume.    DARE TO BE ASD-AWARE!


Please look on the books page for more information on each of our books. We have provided a Special School Offer on our book products.


Download the School Order Form to view this offer.


Thank you and I hope you consider adding our books to your library collection.

Jo Rothwell


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