One Yelpy Kelpie's

Wildlife Adventure

One Yelpy Kelpie returns in another madcap muster. 

This time she finds herself gallivanting through the

Australian bush searching for the runaway ram,

Rufus McPhee.

'His plan was outrageous and sprinkled with strife,

to camouflage himself as Australian wildlife.

He would fly like a bird or climb in a tree

and no-one would guess he was Rufus McPhee.'


'One Yelpy Kelpie was up for the chase,

scampering along with her tongue in her face.

Her ears and her nose were alert and a-twitch

as she sped round the corner and over the ditch.'


RRP. $14.95



While we are in lock down, One Yelpy Kelpie's Wildlife Adventure will also be available to view free via YouTube.

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