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Aloysius the Ram at

Chateau de Lalande


Funds raised as of April 2024: 


100% of profits are donated, and we have excluded our creative value and any admin time and costs from these funds.

A massive thank-you to all who have purchased. This initiative is ongoing, and hoping to keep increasing the donations for such a needy and deserving cause. Written in rhyme, Aloysius the Ram at Chateau de Lalande is the story of a rambunctious and mischievous ram who creates chaos and mayhem as he races through Chateau de Lalande. From laundry to teapots, crowns and Picassos, nothing is safe when Aloysius crashes by.   

The story behind the story... (Aloysius pronounced Allo-ishus)

Chateau de Lalande is a 16th-century chateau located in central France, owned and run by Stephanie Jarvis. Stephanie and Chateau de Lalande are featured in the TV series Escape to the Chateau DIY. Stephanie's YouTube channel, The Chateau Diaries, showcases life there, including her ram Aloysius. Jo Rothwell was inspired to write this story during the first wave of Covid lockdown. A little obsessed with French chateau renovations led her to discover Stephanie's vlogs and where Aloysius and his rampaging ways leapt onto the pages and, hopefully, into a child's world. Check out the article from Yarra Valley & Ranges Magazine.

In collaboration with Chateau de Lalande, Rothwell Publishing has produced this book, with profits going to Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and Peace of Mind Foundation. RCD Foundation contributes funds to Australian and International brain cancer research to enable researchers to understand further and more completely treat brain tumours. Brain cancer is the most fatal of all childhood cancers and kills more children in Australia than any other disease. Peace of Mind Foundation aims to support families by providing emotional and financial support and helping navigate complex healthcare systems.


Jo has her own understanding of the impact of cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and then metastatic breast cancer in 2015. This book was all about giving. So it was an easy decision for Rothwell Publishing and  Stephanie Jarvis to agree to donate towards helping a kid's cancer charity.


Postage and Delivery: 

We understand that this book will be shipped off to various corners of the globe and that postage costs may deter some. Unfortunately, the costs shown for shipping are simply the cost of International post from Australia. We are also very aware of the current Covid situation and how that affects many countries' delays. The average International postage delivery time is now 25+ business days. We suggest International customers order direct from Amazon.  

Please note the tracking or non-tracking options. 

We hope you understand. Thank you.

Aloysius the ram
Aloysius the Ram from Chateau de Lalande



32 page hand illustrated watercoloured paperback


$10 (AUD)



We are very aware of the postage costs and current delays for International sales. We have therefore added this title to be sold on Amazon.  Please Note: We guarantee the quality of books that we sell direct on our website. Amazon use their own format to produce their copies. Any issues with your purchase via Amazon will need to be addressed by them.  Thank you.

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