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Balancing the ups and downs
of life and cancer
A Memoir

A unique look into how humour and attitude can help diminish the power of metastatic cancer...or in fact, any of life's challenges.

Chasing Normal allows you to walk alongside a metastatic cancer diagnosis. You experience the everyday ups and downs and emotions that the author has encountered for over eleven years...but it is not just about cancer.


What do Ikea flat packs, Whistler's Mother, and mysterious comets each have in common with cancer? Well, everything and nothing at all. For Jo Rothwell, they have been the difference between living with cancer and simply living. Lessons learnt along the way include resilience, purpose, distraction, adaptability, perspective and a master class in humour.

Chasing Normal is also a love story. The love a mother has for her son. A story of hope. A story of how your purpose in life can give you the greatest strength and help you walk alongside the greatest challenges. Jo refuses to let cancer define her, and so, to counteract cancer's chaos...she chases normal.'


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Chasing Normal -

Balancing the ups and downs of life and cancer.

A moving and thought-provoking read! ‘Chasing Normal’ is not just a chronicle of cancer treatment and the ups and downs of coping with a life-altering event, it’s so much more than that. It’s an affirmation of life in all its splendour, and a reminder to appreciate all the aspects of the world we live in, to find humour in everyday existence, and above all to value what we have. Life is precious, the human mind is strong, and there is always an advantage in concentrating on the good things over the bad. Not only that, it’s a great tour of Melbourne and its surrounds – it makes me want to get out there and explore it too! Thank you, Jo for sharing your unique perspective on life. Wednesdays with Harry were a highlight, full of love, humour and warmth. ‘Chasing Normal’ is a book I’ll dip into again and again when I need a dose of positivity!

Caroline and Philip. Carp Productions

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