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Penelope Plume
The Big Hungry Tree

Dare to be ASD aware!... (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
I realised that so many resources and books on ASD are defined as just that.
My aim is to write not only fun children's books that anyone can enjoy but to help
create awareness and inclusiveness regarding ASD.

In The Big Hungry Tree,  I introduced the character Ned, a wombat who sits alongside the story and explains how he feels.  Sometimes Ned needs some tools to help him cope.
Ned returns in Penelope Plume to help bring awareness and inclusiveness to ASD. 
Please do not place these books on a shelf for ASD resources.
They belong alongside everyday kids’ books and utilised by all.
You will make a difference if you dare to be ASD-aware.




Quote from Professor Tony Attwood.
Leading expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

"I really enjoyed reading The Big Hungry Tree and know that it will be enchanting, not only for  children with difficulties, but will also help with regard to an increase in ASD awareness.
The book is not only entertaining, it is also educational from aspects of memory, to different ways of thinking and problem solving. I certainly endorse the book."

Professor Tony Attwood

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