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The Big Hungry Tree

This book would not have been written if not for the fantastic imagination of my son Harry.   After kicking his football into a tree, Harry noticed another ball stuck.  This problem needed to be solved. Many objects were thrown into the tree to knock the balls down.  After some time, Harry told me, “Mum, that is a really Big Hungry Tree”.   

The Big Hungry Tree introduces Ned, the wombat, who sometimes needs a little help to cope.  See more info on the ASD page. 

Quote from Professor Tony Attwood.  A leading expert on Autism Spectrum Disorder.
"I really enjoyed reading The Big Hungry Tree and know that it will be enchanting, not only for children with difficulties but will also help with regard to an increase in ASD awareness. This book is not only entertaining, but it is also educational, from aspects of memory to different ways of thinking and problem-solving. I certainly endorse this book."

Professor Tony Attwood


Childrens book aspergers syndrome tony attwood asd autism

RRP. $19.95



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